Which is better, An F1 or F2 Bernedoodle? Detailed Comparison

The F1 generation of the Bernedoodles can obtain by crossing the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. The F2 is the second generation, which can obtain by crossing the two Bernedoodles of the first generation. We can also get the subsequent generations of F1b and F2b, depending upon their parents. When we talk about the look of both generations, they are almost the same. We can obtain all the main sizes in the F1 and F2 generation as well.

Which is better an f1 or f2 Bernedoodle
Which is better an f1 or f2 Bernedoodle

The second thing about the look is the Bernedoodle color. We can get any color in both generations depending upon their parents. The most popular colors in each generation are the bi-color and tri-color Bernedoodles.

The first generation of the Bernedoodles is obtained by directly crossing the Bernese mountain dog and poodle. So the first generation is also referred to as the purebred Bernedoodles. Similarly, we can also get different coat types in both generations. But still, there is a little bit difference in both generation color variations, coat type, temperament, and health. Let’s discuss more these small differences to know which is better.

Coat color

There are little bit more variations in the color of the F2 Bernedoodle as compared to F1. Because there are two poodle parents involved in the making of the F2 Bernedoodle, in the second generation, you can easily obtain the tri-color Bernedoodles by using the two tri-color Bernedoodle parents. Every F2 puppy is unique in color variations as compared to the F1 puppy. The F1 Bernedoodles has small color variations with consistent colors.

Coat type

The F2 Bernedoodle coat is more likely non-shedding as compared to F1 Bernedoodles. When we talk about the ordinary type, the wavy coat type is more common in both generations. But we can obtain the other coat types as well in both generations.


There is no much difference in the health of both generations, as such as their parents are entirely tested before breeding. But in typical cases, the F2 generation is more likely to inherit the diseases as compared to the first generation.


The temperament of any dog ultimately depends upon its new environment and training. In general, there is no much difference in the character of both generations. Both generation Bernedoodles are very intelligent, loyal, and goofy, so you can efficiently train them for various tasks. They are very socialized and playful with their families.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there is no much difference in F1 and F2 generation. There is a slight difference in coat color, coat type, and health. Both have their benefits according to coat color, coat type, and health. So we can’t say F1 is better than F2 or F2 is better than F1 depending upon anyone’s feature. You can easily choose any generation Bernedoodle which suits you.

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