What does an unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy look like? IC affected Bernedoodle

When we talk about the unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy, it’s a puppy without the furnishing of the coat. The other term for the unfurnished puppies is the IC affected Bernedoodle puppies. The first generation of the Bernedoodle has usually furnished dogs. When we back cross the Bernedoodles, the chances of the unfurnished Bernedoodles are increased. The unfurnished Bernedoodle puppies have a smooth face as compared to the furnished puppies.

unfurnished bernedoodle look likeAt the beach in Campbell River! This is Neva, a future Moonstruck Bernedoodle Momma. Her mother is a Bernese mountain dog and her father is Moonstruck’s Destry, who is an Aussiedoodle.

This makes Neva an f1 Aussie Mountain Doodle. Neva is unfurnished making her coat scruffy with shedding, but much lower maintenance than the “traditional” furnished Doodle coats. 


The unfurnished Bernedoodles don’t have the bearding and facial hair. Sometimes the unfurnished Bernedoodle dogs miss the long hair on the extremities of the head and tail. When we talk about the grooming, the unfurnished Bernedoodles are easy to maintain as compared to the furnished Bernedoodles. You don’t need to visit the professional groomers early. Moreover, the unfurnished Bernedoodles has a low maintenance cost as compared to the furnished Bernedoodles.

What does an unfurnished puppy look like

An unfurnished Bernedoodle shad are less as compared to the furnished Bernedoodles. The unfurnished Bernedoodles has low to medium shedding as compared to the furnished puppies. Moreover, the unfurnished Bernedoodle has a greater life span as compared to the usual Bernedoodles. Let’s discuss the size, coat, and color of the unfurnished Bernedoodle to know more about them.


An unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy can come in any size, depending upon the size of their parents. The three main sizes of the Bernedoodles are standard, miniature, and toy sizes. The unfurnished Bernedoodle can come in any of these sizes. The unfurnished puppies usually come in the subsequent generations of the Bernedoodles, and these generations can come in any size.


When we talk about the color of the unfurnished Bernedoodles, they can come in any color depending upon their parent’s color. The primary colors of the Bernedoodles are bi-color and tri-colors. The unfurnished Bernedoodle can come in any bi-color and tri-color like the other Bernedoodles. The unfurnished Bernedoodle can have tri-color merle, tri-color sable, tri-color brindle, and phantom colors.


The other name of the unfurnished Bernedoodles is IC affected. So the unfurnished Bernedoodle has the IC affected coat as compared to different coat types. This type of coat doesn’t need much professional grooming, as discussed above. You can easily groom your unfurnished Bernedoodle at home.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the unfurnished Bernedoodle look is like the IC affected Bernedoodle. This type of Bernedoodle doesn’t need proper care like the other Bernedoodles. When we talk about their look with respect to size and color, they are mostly like the other Bernedoodles. They can come in any size and color like the other Bernedoodles. So we can say that the unfurnished Bernedoodle has a small difference in coat look as compared to furnished Bernedoodles

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