How to fatten up a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle weight also matters just like humans. The thinner dogs are usually considered as the weaker as compared to fatty dogs. A thinner dog always sets a negative impact. Even some are just due to their genetics, but still, people think that they have some problems.

How to fatten up Bernedoodle

It is the one reason that people need some fats around their Bernedoodles bones. For this purpose, people started fatty food for their Bernedoodles. But first, we need to know about the causes of the low weight of the Bernedoodle. Let’s firstly discuss these causes before going for fatty food.

Feeding routine

It’s essential to observe the feeding routine of your Bernedoodle first. Sometime Bernedoodles are less interested in feeding, which is the main cause of their weight loss. There can be many reasons which prevent the Bernedoodles from eating. For example, a Bernadoodle may have some physical issues. Similarly, it has digestion problems or swarms inside. So you take your Bernedoodles to the veterinarian in any matter.


Sometimes the internal illness of a Bernedoodle can be responsible for their weight loss. For example, some metabolism issues are diabetes. These kinds of problems are usually not observable. Mainly diabetes affects the fat-storing ability of the Bernedoodle body. Moreover, the illness also affects the vital organs of the body. So if you think your dog is losing weight without any obvious reason, you can test your Bernedoodle for this type of internal illness.

Feeding habits

Some dogs have bad habits of feeding on their puppy age. Whenever the food is given to them, they are less interested in feeding. They always want to spend time playing activities like kids. In that case, a Bernedoodle can’t get a healthy weight.

There can be many other weight loss issues like pregnancy, parasitic infection, dental health issues, and hormonal imbalance. If you think your Bernedoodle is free from all the above problems but still not getting the weight. You can go to the following things.


You can go for the more fatty diet for your Bernedoodle. A Bernedoodle needs a balanced diet full of nutrition and vitamins. It would be best if you made a proper diet plan according to your Bernedoodle size type and age. You can also calculate the total number of calories your dog takes daily. Then you can discuss it with your veterinarian.

Supplementary pills

Just like humans, supplementary pills can also be used for the Bernedoodles. Supplements usually increase the dog immunity level and increase their chances of gaining weight. But whatever supplements you are going to use, make sure to discuss it with your veterinarian. Because sometimes, the supplements have some side effects as well.


A routine exercise is also essential for the Bernedoodles to get the fat. Some people think that exercise burns calories, which leads the Bernedoodle towards weight loss. But it would be best if you made sure that the exercise strengthens up the muscles of the Bernedoodle, which leads them towards healthy weight gain.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are different ways of fatting up the Bernedoodles. For example, you can use a fatty diet and supplements with daily exercise. But first, you need to make sure that the causes of the Bernedoodle weight loss. Different causes of Bernedoodle weight loss are given below.

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