How much exercise does a Bernedoodle need? Depends upon Bernedoodle energy level

Bernedoodle is a brilliant, loyal, and social dog as compared to many other breeds. The exercising period of this breed mostly depends upon the energy level of the Bernedoodle. When we talk about the energy level, a Bernedoodle has a moderate energy level and a love for small exercising activities. This behavior of the Bernedoodle dogs makes them very easy to train as well. So we can say that the exercising of the Bernedoodle is dependent upon its energy level. The more energy level dogs want more playing and exercising activities.

how much exercise does a bernedoodle need

Bernedoodles love to play with the kids. Moreover, they love short walking trips. A Bernedoodle always wants moderate exercise daily, depending upon its energy level. This regular exercise is also suitable for them to barn their energy which obtains from their healthy food. A Bernedoodle exercise period somehow depends upon the age of the Bernedoodles as well. At an early age, usually, the Bernedoodle don’t like the exercise and always prefer to rest. Let’s discuss more the Bernedoodle exercise depending upon age and some Bernedoodle exercising activities which they want the most.

Bernedoodle exercise depending upon age

As discussed above, at an early age, a Bernedoodle doesn’t like them too much exercise. So the two 5min exercising periods daily are necessary for your Bernedoodle puppy. You can follow this routine until your puppy reaches the age of 2 months. When your puppy reaches the age of 3 months, you can increase the time 15 min twice a day. When your puppy is at the age of 6 months, this period can be increased to 30min depending upon your Bernedoodle energy level. Similarly, at the age of 9 months, you can increase the exercise period 45 min twice a day. When we talk about a full-grown Bernedoodle, it can exercise much longer as compared to the older Bernedoodles.

Activities Bernedoodle like the most

Bernedoodles are much socialized dogs, and love interacts with the new peoples outside. Moreover, these dogs love to play with the kids. These dogs can spend maximum time in playing with the kids. This is one of the main reasons for their demand for families.

Bernedoodles love the short outside walking trips. They love to walk about the blocks during this trip. This will be great fun and enjoyable for them. But make sure to don’t over-exercise your Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles are moderate energy level dogs and need the exercise accordingly.

The second most enjoyable activity of the Bernedoodles is playing with the kids and toys at home. There is a different kind of Bernedoodle toys are available which you can buy to spend a perfect time with your Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that Bernedoodles love the small exercising periods.  These periods mostly depends upon the age and energy level of your Bernedoodle. The most enjoyable activities of the Bernedoodles are outside walking and playing with kids and toys. But we should make sure to don’t over-exercise our Bernedoodle.

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