What age do Bernedoodle begin their period? Also known as the Estrus Cycle

The dog period is a stage where a female dog wants to become pregnant. Sometimes this is also known as the estrus cycle. During the estrus period, a dog shows the different symptoms; the one main sign of a female dog cycle is vaginal bleeding. When we talk about the time of the first and further estrus cycles, it depends upon many factors like Bernedoodle age, Bernedoodle size, and Bernedoodle breed as well.

what age Bernedoodle begin their period

So when we talk about the Bernedoodles, they come in different sizes depending upon their parents. The three main sizes of the Bernedoodles are standard size, Miniature size, and Tiny size Bernedoodles. So generally, all these sizes of the Bernedoodles have different times of their estrus cycle. Let’s see some other symptoms of the estrus cycle and age when it occurs, and frequency of the estrus cycles depending upon the size and age.

Symptoms of the estrus cycle

When the estrus cycle time occurs near, the level of the hormone in the female Bernedoodle starts changing. Sometimes the early symptoms are not noticeable; even the first estrus cycle of your Bernedoodle may not be prominent. There can be some minor symptoms in the first estrus cycle, like nervousness, alertness, and an increase in urination frequency. Sometimes the external vulva swells during the initial stages. After some days, the vaginal start discharging, even the bloody vaginal. This usually starts before the ten days of actual clear discharge. The clear removing is a sign that your Bernedoodle is ready.

If you don’t plan to breed your Bernedoodle, the spaying takes place before the first estrus. The reduction of accidental pregnancy can cause many issues like breast and many other types of cancers. But the spaying can reduce all these types of risks.

Age when your Bernedoodle begin their period

The first estrus cycle of any puppy starts when it reaches the maturity level. The average age of any dog to reach this maturity level is almost 10 to 12 months, depending upon their breed and size. The smaller size Bernedoodles are usually reaching this maturity level early as compared to the bigger size Bernedoodles. When we talk about the smaller Bernedoodles, they can reach their first estrus cycle, even at the age of six months. On the other hand, the larger Bernedoodles can reach the first estrus cycle during the od. So we can say the average is around ten months, but it’d mostly depend upon the size of your Bernedoodle.

Frequency of the Bernedoodles periods

When we talk about the period frequency of the Bernedoodles, it can be once every six months. But it is not necessary, especially during the first 2 or 3 years of your Bernedoodle. Because during the early maximum energy of any dog is consumed in body development. But in rare cases, the average frequency of the estrus cycles can vary.  For example, the smaller Bernedoodle can have three estrus cycles in a year, and the larger Bernedoodles can have only one estrus cycle every 18 to 24 months. Moreover, the estrus cycle can last in 18 days.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the estrus cycle of any dog mostly depends upon the size and somehow on the breed as well. We know the Bernedoodle dogs are one of the dogs which come in a variety of sizes. So we can’t have only one range for all the Bernedoodles. The age of a Bernedoodle during the first estrus cycle can vary from 10 to 24 months, depending upon its size.

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