Is Bernedoodle aggressive? Temperament of a Bernedoodle

Is Bernedoodle aggressive? Usually, Bernedoodle dogs don’t have aggressive behavior, especially when they grow up in a healthy environment. However, these dogs enjoy the company of humans, so if you don’t have enough time to spend with them. This lack of Human company during their early life periods can reflect in their behavior.

Due to loneliness, these dogs develop aggressive behavior. But usually, these dogs are brilliant, loyal, and humans friendly.

Is Bernedoodles aggressive
Is Bernedoodle aggressive

Love to Play with Kids

These dogs love to play with children due to their playful nature. This is one of the main reasons people love this dog as their four-leg family members. Moreover, these dogs love to go on walks with their owners. These dogs are very socialized, and they welcome strangers very well.

The aggressiveness of a Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon their developed temperament.

Let’s discuss the Bernedoodle temperaments.

The temperament of a Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle dogs are a mixed breed of Bernese mountain dogs and the poodle dog. The breeding of the Bernedoodle dog started in 2003. When we talk about their personalities, they are loyal, intelligent, and modest. As we have discussed above, they are good with the kids and their owners.

1. Stubborn Nature

Sometimes Bernedoodle dogs are stubborn and rowdy depending upon their environment. This is one of the reasons to start the early training and socialization of the Bernedoodle dog. Fortunately, you can easily remove their stubborn nature by proper training.

2. Requires a lot of Attention

This is a mixed breed and requires a lot of attention from its owners compared to any other dog. Whatever your schedule is, you need proper time for your puppy daily. There are some training institutes available; you can put your Bernedoodle dog in these training centers for early training. The boarding facilities are also available for the Bernedoodle dogs. These dogs love to run and become very happy when they find any outfield for a run.

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Training Tips of the Bernedoodle

Is Bernedoodles aggressive
Is Bernedoodles aggressive

Typically these dogs don’t develop aggressive behavior as discussed above, especially when they grow up in a healthy environment. Make sure to don’t let the Bernedoodle alone. However, these dogs are good in other dogs’ presence but try to train them with other dogs early.

1. Socialization

If you are too late in training and socializing your Bernedoodle dog, you may end up with a dog that dislikes the presence of other animals. You can also train your Bernedoodle for potty training and some additional basic training, which is necessary for the Bernedoodle dog to adjust in your family.

2. Barking

Bernedoodle dogs bark a lot without proper timing, which is not suitable for a family dog. But after some adequate training, they don’t bark a lot.

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3. Food and Diet

Don’t put everything in front of your Bernedoodle. Mostly, they love everything and doesn’t show any hesitation in eating. You have to make sure of their diet with a proper timetable. You can create an adequate feeding plan for your Bernedoodle according to their size. Here are some of the best foods for Bernedoodle.

Conclusion about is bernedoodle aggressive?

Bernedoodle is a good dog. You can effortlessly train your Berne due to its intelligent nature and learning behavior. Bernedoodle dogs don’t have aggressive behavior, especially when these dogs grow up in a healthy environment. The aggressiveness can come from poor training of your dog.

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