How to entertain you Bernedoodle? Hiking, Snowing, Movie Night, Fetch, Playing with kids

Bernedoodles are the best companion dogs as compared to any other breeds. A Bernedoodle can entertain you in multiple ways due to its unique features. Usually, people love to have a Bernedoodle on their side on every short trip.

How to enteertain you Berndoodle

Bernedoodles get the sweet traits from their parents. They love to spend maximum time in playing with humans. These kinds of activities also help them to stay active and healthy. A Bernedoodle can entertain you in different ways. Let’s discuss these to know how a Bernedoodle can entertain you.


Trial hiking is one of the best, and most liked activities of a Bernedoodle. They love to enjoy short trips with their owners. They have perfect manners for hiking, so many people love to have a Bernedoodle companion on their hiking trips. For this purpose, the best way is to voice-train your Bernedoodle first. Choosing the best spot for hiking is also essential to get the maximum entertainment from a Bernedoodle. For example, Bernedoodles also love to play with their owners in the water. So in the summer season, you can also take your Bernedoodle at any water spot.


Snowing is the most entertaining activity of the Bernedoodles in the winter season. Bernedoodles usually have a thick coat and love to play in the snow. This is also good for the Bernedoodles to stay warmer. Make sure to find a place that is snowy and dog friendly as well. Bernedoodles love to run through the snow with their owners. This is a very entertaining activity for the owners and the Bernedoodles as well.

Movie night

As discuss above, the Bernedoodles are more likely the family dogs and love to spend the maximum time with the family. So a movie night with your dog can be very entertaining for you and your Bernedoodle as well. It would be best if you had a lot of blankets and pillows on the ground. Suppose you allowed the furniture for your Bernedoodle its ok. Make sure to have a special snack during the movie. Bernedoodle is also never let to go when it’s come to snacks.


Run and chase can be another favorite game of your Bernedoodles. Especially when your Bernedoodle inherited the maximum traits from the poodle parent. You can play the fetch with your Bernedoodle daily. This is good for the Bernedoodle health as well.

Playing with kids

Bernedoodles are love to play with the kids and toys in the home lawn. You can leave your Bernedoodle on your home lawn as well for playing, especially when you don’t have enough time to take your Bernedoodle on outer trips. This is the best way to get familiar with the kids with the Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that a Bernedoodle can entertain you in multiple ways. Bernedoodles are energetic dogs and can play the maximum time in playing. The most favorite entertaining activities can be hiking, snowing, movie night, and fetching games, as discussed above.

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