What does a Bernedoodle look like? Tri-color, Brindle, Merle & More!

As we know the Bernedoodle is a mixed breed of Bernese mountain dogs and the Poodle with different generations and sizes. Similarly, this look is also very dependent upon their parent’s look and color, etc.

When we talk about their look, these dogs come in different colors like tricolors, sable tricolors, Brindles, Phantom, and Blue Merle tricolors.

Let’s first discuss how the Tricolor Bernedoodle looks-like.

What does a Bernedoodle look like?
What does a Bernedoodle look-like?

Tricolor Bernedoodle

Tricolor Bernedoodle comes in three different colors, depending upon their parents. Mostly the Tri-color Bernedoodle has black, white, and rust color. Some tricolors have particular white color on the face. When we talk about the common traditional tricolor Bernedoodle, it mostly looks like the Bernese mountain dog. Moreover, the tricolor Bernedoodle also has a full white color mask. Some of the tricolor Bernedoodle also comes with fading.

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Sable Bernedoodle

Sable Bernedoodle is very special with black colored tipped hairs. They have a solid background color with a black color tip. There is no unique pattern and location for this type of color. A sable Bernedoodle can be completely sable or like the Bernese mountain dog in white color. Sable Bernedoodles are very stunning as compared to other Bernedoodles, so they are more demanding and higher in price as compared to others.

Brindle Bernedoodle

Brindle is a pattern of the colors on the Bernedoodle coat. These patterns are sometimes known as the tiger-striped. The brindle pattern can have two types, a red color base brindle or a blue color base brindle. These colors usually depend upon the age of the Bernedoodle. It can be a solid brindle, or the brindle with the white color of the Bernese mountain dog, or the brindle abstract as well.

Merle Tricolor Bernedoodle 

This is another pattern in the Bernedoodle coat, which is known as the Merle. Merle is not just related to the color. In this type of pattern, the white and gray color patterns appeared on the black. This pattern makes the Bernedoodle look like the bluish cast. This type of coat is known as the blue Merle. So we can say that it’s a color combination in the Bernedoodles. In other words, we can say that it’s a type of solid color with parches of blue, gray, and reddish color.

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Phantom Bernedoodle

This is another more demanding type of color scheme of the Bernedoodle, “The Phantom Bernedoodle.” In this type, you will find the Bernedoodles with any color tips with one main background color. When we talk about some famous phantom color schemes, it includes the silver phantom with white points, a chocolate phantom with cream points, or a black phantom with brown color on legs, chest, cheeks, and eyebrows. Moreover, the price of these Bernedoodle can be higher due to their lot of demands and look.

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